In 1319, wooden buildings for the Dome School of Tallinn were built on the present day site of our school.

A new two-story hip-roof stone building was finished in 1691 and with some additional changes, the house has remained the same up to now. The building has undergone refurbishment during the 19th century and during the final decade of the 20th century. When the Dome School moved across the street to Toom-Kooli 11 ( the location of the ballet school at present ), our house held apartments for teachers and various office spaces during the times that followed.

The Higher Theatre School of the Tallinn Conservatoire (now: the Drama School of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre) was founded in 1957 and the school work took place in the right wing of our building’s 2nd floor.

The Theatre School has occupied the entirely refurbished building and the wing building in the schoolyard from 1992.

The total refurbishment of the school house took place in 2004. Two new performance halls, a classroom for the singing lessons in the garret, a new lecture room in the wing building, a spacious library and computer class and a recreation room for the students were opened.